Our Commitment to the Environment

Each year about 75,000 square miles of the Earth’s forests are cleared in order to accommodate for short-term human interests, without regard to consequences to future generations. The Nature Conservancy reports that logging alone accounts for the loss of more than 32 million acres of the world’s natural forests every year.

How do we engage the use of this precious resource without depleting it for our children? Recycling a lost treasure from the 18th century curtails deforestation and logging emissions, diverts wood from landfills, recycles precious materials, and completes an amazing journey of more than 200 years. By partnering with local fish and game officials, We work diligently to bring this extraordinary wood to you using the most eco-friendly methods.

Our business philosophy places people over things, relationship over profit, commitment over convenience, character over personal gain, and the long view over the immediate.

Our Commitment to Heritage

Antique River LogsTM honors the might, the spirit and the bounty of the America’s rivers. We acknowledge the lumbermen and river rafters who harvested, labored and sacrificed – often with their lives – to bring these original elder trees to the water’s edge to await the rains. We are mindful of the men who navigated high, dangerous waters on the journey down river to sawmills, the nights, weeks and often months away from loved ones.

Consider how many of today’s antiques were crafted from logs that journeyed untold miles down an American river.  We approach this history with admiration and reverence. Antique River LogsTM completes the journey along side the loggers and rafters of the past to deliver heirloom quality limited Old Growth wood products to your home and business.

Features and Benefits of Antique River LogsTM

Preserved by deep, cold water, and a lack of oxygen and light, our logs feature a diverse palate. Unlike new cut timber, which tends to be consistent in color, river-reclaimed logs have a unique color range and variety of characteristics. The natural weather patina and infusion of rich river minerals enhance the luster and natural beauty of these Old Growth logs.

Antique River LogsTM rare virgin timber has highly dense growth rings, which increase stability 3-5 times more per inch than new growth. This added durability makes our old growth logs ARL’s reclaimed timbers the number one choice for architects, designers, and craftsmen.

Our Antique River LogsTM rare river-reclaimed wood is a beautifully an environmentally sustainable, exquisitely durable, and exclusive product with an extraordinary story.